Monday, April 1, 2013

Ways to Make Parents Feel Like Partners in Education

·         Offer sessions for parents that explain how they can support their children with homework.  These sessions can even be held during school with the help of the students.
·         Make more positive phone calls than negative ones
·         Keep parents informed about any concerns you have immediately, don’t wait until it’s too late
·         Avoid educational jargon and acronyms.  If you are going to use any, explain them
·         Establish relationships with parents early in the year.  This helps you learn more about the students and will demonstrate your commitment to the whole child.
·         Tell parents how much you value their opinion because no one knows there child better than they do
·         When you invite families to your classroom, make it an interactive and participatory event
·         Find out about their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and interests and invite them to be guest speakers
·         If you are utilizing parents as volunteers be sure to have them do something meaningful and authentic
·         Respect their privacy.  You need to honor the trust they place in you and never betray it


Anonymous said...

I am a parent and my child's teacher barely ever communicates with the parents of her classroom. This makes me feel that I am not a partner in education. I think I am going to email this link to my child's teacher! By the way, are you a induction coach? I think I remember seeing you in the projo!

Gino Sangiuliano said...

yes I am an induction coach. thanks for your response: Only when teachers realize the value of parental involvement will they be willing to take these actions