Monday, April 8, 2013

What we are teaching when we are not actually teaching: The importance of modeling behaviors

Most teachers would agree there is so much to cover in so little time.  Here are ways to address and encourage many important skills, behaviors, and attitudes that students will need in order to achieve their goals. The best part is that they don't take any time of your regular day to do at all!

·         Every time you speak COMMUNICATION is being taught
·         When designing lessons and thinking about ways to engage students in learning, allow your CREATIVITY take over
·         Don’t just tell students that READING is an important skill, let them know discretely by leaving clues and sharing examples of how it is an important part of your daily life
·         COLLEGIALITY is on display every time you interact with other members of the staff
·         If we openly examine, analyze, and reflect on our own practice, students will have concrete example of CRITICAL THINKING
·         It is not always easy to “get up” for a lesson, but students know and appreciate EFFORT when they see it
·         If an answer is not readily available don’t just say you will get back to them on that, explain the steps you will take to RESEARCH it
·         Smiling, nodding, and showing a genuine interest in what others have to say encourages ACTIVE LISTENING
·         When we tell students know how much we value time spent working with colleagues they are learning the importance of COLLABORATION
·         When you learn something new get excited and share it with your class,  they will see you as a LIFELONG LEARNER

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