Sunday, April 21, 2013

10 Lessons Teachers Can Learn from Students

Like many teachers, I often call myself a lifelong learner, but what does that really mean?  Of course it can refer to learning in the academic sense, or perhaps picking up a new skill or talent.  When I am around students, however, it can mean something else.  As a teacher, I’m witness to attributes that I admire in others and am reminded to practice them myself.

  •  Laughter- Children don’t often take themselves too seriously, nor should we
  • Honesty- Sometimes it can be brutal, but there’s no denying it’s an admirable trait  
  • Technology- Have you ever heard a youngster say, “Oh no, did I lose everything?”
  • Flexibility- Schedules are constantly changed with very little dissent (Disclaimer: As a parent of two I would like to clarify that this is true of my students, not my own children)
  • Discovery- That light bulb moment we love to see in children
  • Imagination- Children like to ask, “Why not”
  • Activism- Youngsters have the will to change the world
  • Relationships- Watch a group of friends playing together and you’ll wish you were a part of it
  • Effort- When things don’t come easily they’ll keep trying until they figure it out
  • Resilience- We've all known students who have been through some trying times and marveled at how they bounce back  

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