Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Principals Want Teachers to Do

·         Participate actively during meetings, your voice is valued and needs to be heard
·         Adhere to deadlines because they are put in place for a reason
·         Share information about special events and projects you have going in your classroom
·         Bring to my attention any student, parent, or staff issues that I might otherwise hear from someone else
·         Communicate your needs efficiently and effectively
·         Challenge my thinking.  I want to discuss all sides of an argument before a decision is made
·         Document, document, document
·         Display professionalism in all your interactions, you represent more than just yourself to the community
·         Stay current and be innovative, your students and the entire staff will thank you
·         Show your school pride by promoting the wonderful things your students and your colleagues are doing

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a principal in Central Falls. I have been checking your blog every once in a while since I stumbled upon it on Twitter. I have suggested to all my faculty and staff to take a look at your blog. After your last blog post about what us principals want from teachers, I have really been intrigued by your tactics. I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the awesome work, and by the way... you have one more subscriber! :)