Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ways to Encourage Collaboration

·         Publicly acknowledge how a colleague has helped improve your practice
·         Establish norms and protocols that promote a safe environment and encourage participation from all
·         When faced with a dilemma, provide groups of teachers a time and place to brainstorm solutions
·         Laugh together, because when we laugh we relax and make eye contact
·         If you come across an interesting article or resource, share it with others and then have a follow up discussion about it
·         When seeking support about a specific student or situation,  let your colleagues know their help is valued and appreciated
·          Look at student work with a colleague, and do it with the door open so others become curious and want to join in
·         Ask a colleague to observe and provide you with feedback on a specific component or skill you would like to improve
·         Keep newsletters and web pages updated because many times community members and coworkers would be happy to offer their support if they knew what was happening
·         Become familiar with your school’s mission statement because it unifies the staff and acts as a compass for the entire community

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