Friday, March 8, 2013

Reflective Questions for Consideration

  • Did I achieve my learning objectives?
  • Was I flexible when things didn't go as planned?
  • Did students leave the classroom smiling?
  • What must I do tonight to be ready for tomorrow?
  • Did I add a new strategy to my practice?
  • Did I provide authentic and meaningful feedback for my students?
  • Did I have meaningful and professional interactions with my colleagues?
  • What happened today that will affect tomorrow?
  • Did I allow my students the opportunity to think critically and problem solve?
  • Were the decisions I made today in the best interest of the students?


Anonymous said...

Did you know, that I LOVE THIS BLOG!

Gino Sangiuliano said...

Thank you! Share it with a teacher you know!

Alicia said...

Love the idea of prioritizing the smiles of our students... & I bet their families do too!