Saturday, February 1, 2014

The 10 Most Important People I Met at the #Edtechri Un-Conference

Another incredible day of learning, collaboration, and all capped off with reflection, on a Saturday no less!  What brings more than 60 educators from over 20 schools and institutions together on a weekend in January?  Are we offering credits? No.  Is there a give away? Nope. Is it mandated?  Absolutely not!  If you have ever been to an EdtechRI Un-Conference you might say it’s because of the people.  Here are the 10 most important individuals that made today and other events like it such a success.

  • The Gatherer – Hungry for as much information as one can handle.
  • The Cheerleader – Helping to encourage and facilitate new learning for everyone.
  • The Expert – Offering their expertise and knowledge for the cost of a smile.
  • The Old Friend – Reconnecting with those they may have lost touch with.
  • The New Friend – You wish you met this individual sooner and can’t wait to collaborate with them.
  • The Helper – Events like this need an “all hands on deck” approach, the helper is there to do whatever is needed.
  • The Connector – This person is responsible for introducing you to others and growing your professional network.
  • The Partner – Often able to communicate with no words and always offers honest feedback.
  • The Energizer – Their enthusiasm is contagious.
  • The Ponderer- Asking the difficult questions that challenge your thinking.

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