Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Slogans Not Meant for Education - But Could Be

Like many other parents this Christmas, my children (ages 10 and 13) wished for and received “techie” gifts.  While shopping one day I stumbled upon a board game, yes they still make them, called the Logo Game.  I have seen both my sons play with a similar app on their devices so I thought it would be fun.  It turns out I was right, and playing it as a family has been a big hit.  The premise is pretty simply, there are questions that test your knowledge of well known products, logos, and slogans as you move your pieces around the board.  The more we played, the more I was reminded of memorable catchphrases of days gone by as well as those that have endured the test of time. 

Since I often have a hard time turning off my “inner teacher”, I began to think about what I value and what I try to promote both in myself and my students. With every question card I started to play a game within the game.  Which popular slogans could crossover and promote educational beliefs?  The result was this week’s top ten list.

  • Risk Taking -“Just do it!”
  • Creativity -“Imagination at work”
  • Growth Mindset -“Your potential, your passion”
  • Relationships -“Always there for you”
  • Data Informed -“Don’t leave home without it”
  • Self Reflection -“Try it, you’ll like it”
  • Problem Solving - “Think different”
  • Collaboration - “Let’s build something together”
  • Communication - “Can you hear me now?”
  • Feedback - “Quality never goes out of style”


Unknown said...

Hi Gino, What about "Have it your way" for Differentiated Instruction!

Gino Sangiuliano said...

I like that one!