Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thank a Librarian Today!

I was recently given the opportunity to speak at the School Librarians of Rhode Island's (SLRI) annual conference.  The topic of my session was "Tips on Fostering a Relationship with Administrators".  I have been an administrator for 7 whole months, not very long of course, but my 12 years as a student, 20 years in education, and 14 years as a parent, have certainly given me ample opportunity to work along side with some amazing library/media specialists.  So here is a modified version of my presentation re-titled...

Ten Reasons to Thank a
Library/Media Specialist

  • They create and maintain a space that is the hub of your school
  • Their work impacts your entire school's culture in positive ways
  • They know how to utilize parent volunteers
  • Their versatility is an asset to your school
  • They promote literacy
  • Library/media specialists are pioneers when it comes to integrating technology
  • They are accessible and always extremely helpful
  • They share the wonderful things happening in your school
  • You can count on them to push and challenge you
  • They embody professionalism