Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why I Never Blogged. Why I Blog. Why You Might Consider Blogging.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my blog.  I began blogging with very few expectations other than I wanted to give it a shot and see what would happen.  It has evolved into a rather important piece of my professional life.   Happy Birthday to Little Bits of Advice! 

         Why I Never Blogged
  • Ummm…I didn’t even know what “blogging” meant
  • Lack of confidence in my writing 
  • Fear of putting my beliefs out there
  • I had no time for that

    Why I Blog
  • It forces me to examine my beliefs and attitudes on all things education
  • Offers me the opportunity to meet (virtually) professionals from around the world
  • Getting feedback helps make me a better educator
  • I enjoy it

    Why You Might Consider Blogging
  • You have a lot to offer to others in our profession
  • It is a creative and meaningful way to reflect on your work

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do You Want Fries With That...And Other Quick Decisions We Make

It is pretty startling when you think about all the decisions we are faced with daily.  I am not referring to decisions that will make a major impact on our lives per say, but rather the quick and on the spot choices we practically make without even thinking.  Which check-out line to get in?  Should I get paper or plastic bags?  Am I in the mood for hot or iced coffee?   Should I take this parking spot or that one?  Should I stop at the yellow light or go through it?

Very few professionals are put in the position to make more swift decisions than teachers are.   Even though the best teachers are well prepared, know their students, and have previous experience to draw upon, they too are often required to think on their feet and make split second decisions.

Here are 10 examples of choices teachers need to make every day while facilitating learning in their classrooms.  There are of course no incorrect answers, each situation is unique, but it is good to know that there are options available.

  • Small group or whole class
  • Confront the student or look the other way
  • Plow through or stop and regroup
  • Independently or cooperatively
  • Wrap it up or extend time
  • Explain it or let them wonder
  • Private or public feedback
  • Hide or show your emotions
  • Intrinsic or extrinsic motivation
  • Paper and pencil or something else

Saturday, February 1, 2014

The 10 Most Important People I Met at the #Edtechri Un-Conference

Another incredible day of learning, collaboration, and all capped off with reflection, on a Saturday no less!  What brings more than 60 educators from over 20 schools and institutions together on a weekend in January?  Are we offering credits? No.  Is there a give away? Nope. Is it mandated?  Absolutely not!  If you have ever been to an EdtechRI Un-Conference you might say it’s because of the people.  Here are the 10 most important individuals that made today and other events like it such a success.

  • The Gatherer – Hungry for as much information as one can handle.
  • The Cheerleader – Helping to encourage and facilitate new learning for everyone.
  • The Expert – Offering their expertise and knowledge for the cost of a smile.
  • The Old Friend – Reconnecting with those they may have lost touch with.
  • The New Friend – You wish you met this individual sooner and can’t wait to collaborate with them.
  • The Helper – Events like this need an “all hands on deck” approach, the helper is there to do whatever is needed.
  • The Connector – This person is responsible for introducing you to others and growing your professional network.
  • The Partner – Often able to communicate with no words and always offers honest feedback.
  • The Energizer – Their enthusiasm is contagious.
  • The Ponderer- Asking the difficult questions that challenge your thinking.