Sunday, June 23, 2013

What this veteran teacher was reminded of by the beginning teachers he supported

This list is very unique for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, I am breaking my own rule of limiting it to ten items.  Secondly the list comes with a dedication to the 15 first year teachers that I was fortunate enough to collaborate and learn with every week.  Each item on the list was inspired by one of the beginning teachers I supported, however it is very likely that they will find themselves in many of the descriptions.  It is my hope this list captures the spirit and excitement that comes with one’s first year in the field and celebrates how much the next generation of teachers have to offer.

I learned…

  • Not to be afraid to try new and sometimes uncomfortable teaching strategies in order to meet the needs of all students
  • Organization and routines allow students to actively participate in managing a classroom
  • Professionalism means advocating for what you know is right even if met with resistance from colleagues 
  • Students will be positively impacted by a teacher’s enthusiasm for life and learning
  • Celebrating the unique talents of students will motivate them to cultivate even more
  • Clear and consistent communication with support staff will make everyone more productive and much happier
  • You get what you give, including respect
  • We sometimes don’t know what we are capable of until we accept a challenge
  • Teachers have the ability to create a safe and caring environment for students even when faced with challenging conditions
  • The needs of the whole child must be addressed and this can sometimes mean making difficult decisions
  • The most skilled teachers are constantly striving to get better at what they do
  • Persistence and dedication will be rewarded
  • Being a fluent user of the latest technologies doesn’t mean abandoning personal connections with others
  • Remaining calm and composed when things don’t go as planned is the right choice
  • It is important to take time throughout the year to look at student growth as well as your own

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Carroll Garland said...

Gino, these lessons you observed from your coachees are truly life lessons and can be taken right out of the classroom. Thank you for compiling such a list! Carroll