Thursday, June 6, 2013

Change can be... Good!

June can be a time of great unknown for many teachers, particularly those new to the profession.  In some cases, and for any number of reasons, teachers will find themselves in a new room, grade, school, content area, role, or even district come September.  Change can be unsettling but also has the potential to be revitalizing.  This week’s list looks at some positives that can be taken away from accepting a new assignment.

  •   You will grow your professional learning network
  • It is a great opportunity to purge and update materials
  • Facing a new challenge will bring out the best in you
  • Your flexibility will be on display and appreciated by others
  • It is a learning opportunity that will positively impact your professional growth
  • You will discover how students learn at various stages of development or in different disciplines
  • With new surroundings come new opportunities, some you may not even know exist
  • Others will learn as you share your skills and talents as an educator with a new group of peers
  • Working with a new group of professionals can provide an emotional lift
  • Your positive attitude will provide the template for others who will share similar experiences in the future

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