Sunday, June 16, 2013

Taking Control of Your Professional Development

As summer vacation approaches you may be wondering if this is a good time to think about professional development.  Of course teachers need to decompress following each school year, or time to catch up on the many things that have been put aside since September.  However, summer is also a great time to take control of your own professional growth.  If you take some action now, you will head back to school filled with new ideas, possibilities, and a sense of excitement rivaling any first year teacher!  The best part is you can do it on your own time and for FREE!

  • Explore new technologies and think about how you might use them
  • Get to know your teacher evaluation rubrics
  • Read about current trends and issues in education
  • Collaborate with other teachers and pick their brains about what works for them
  • Set a single professional goal and work toward it with fidelity
  • Attend or watch a school committee meeting (most are archived online)
  • Collect and analyze a set of data that is meaningful to you
  • Join a committee and attend meetings
  • Create relationships and expand your professional network anyway you can
  • Look at your school, district, and state board’s websites


Cheryl F said...

If you are on Twitter, there are many Tweet Chat's going on based on either subject area, grade taught, etc. I find these really helpful to either participate in or to go back and view the # discussion thread. Also a great way to expand your PLN.

Gino Sangiuliano said...

So true! It is really beginning to have an impact on Personal" pd. Here are a list of twitter chats.