Monday, July 21, 2014

10 Direct Quotes From Kids About Technology

Some posts just write themselves.  Last week we hosted our 6th EdtechRI Unconference but with a new twist.  We invited experienced users, aka students from grades 1-9, to join us.  At the end of the session the students took questions from the audience.  Here are 10 direct quotes from our esteemed panel. 
  • You can build whatever you want in mine craft, I like to build floating houses
  • Slow internet drives me insane
  • I like Quizlet because when I'm on my way to school I can study on my phone
  • My Talking Tom is a cat you can say things and it can repeat it in weird voices and you need to feed it  and it can go to sleep
  • I like to play around and learn by myself because I think it makes it harder and more fun to discover different ways that someone teaching you didn't  even know
  • I enjoy random stuff with  technology I do not care what it is
  • I use Pinterest a lot because I am really obsessed with shoes
  • I learn how to use apps by reading the directions at the beginning but then I just figure it out my own 
  • My dad didn't want to hire a plumber to fix the garbage disposal so he took everything out from under the sink and put the ipad under there and watched a You Tube video on how to do it
  • Our teacher showed us a little about it,  just the main things, and then we just played around with it to try to figured out other things

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