Sunday, July 14, 2013

Reflective Questions for Consideration: Part II – Summer Edition

Back in March I posted a list of reflective questions meant to generate thinking about decisions teachers make on a daily basis ( With summer upon us, now is the time to pose questions that provoke action and will build upon last year’s experiences.   The truth is that it’s much easier to ask these questions than answer them, but with one more check of the rear view mirror you will be ready to set your sights on next year.

  • Are there any technologies I need to become familiar with?
  • How were my relationships with parents?
  • Have I reviewed the standards that will be used for my evaluations?
  • Are there any professional development opportunities that I need to take advantage of?
  • Does my room (the physical space) need to be changed to better suit the needs of my students?
  • Has my district adopted any new initiatives I need to familiarize myself with?
  • Do I need to make any changes to how I began my school year?
  • Were my classroom policies and procedure in line with the school’s overall vision? 
  • What was by biggest hurdle last year and how will I overcome it?
  • What professional resource will help improve my practice?

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