Sunday, May 25, 2014

How to be the World’s Greatest Colleague

  • Take the time to really get to know the people you work with
  • Keep an open door and open mind
  • Contribute to conversations at all levels
  • Share what's working for you and what's not
  • Recognize the strengths of others 
  • Smile...a lot!
  • Be there for others when they need you
  • Stay calm when things get tense 
  • Hold yourself accountable and others will do the same
  • Be on time, be present, and respect the norms of meetings


Brian Fernandes said...

Hi Gino, Great post. No matter what one's role is, it is essential to always have positive presumptions of our colleagues.

Gino Sangiuliano said...

Thanks Brian. We are very fortunate to work with so many people that embody this list.