Sunday, September 15, 2013

10 Bruce Springsteen Songs that could have been about Teachers

Bruce Springsteen is perhaps the most prolific songwriter of our generation.  His music and lyrics speak to people of all ages around the world.  To my knowledge, he has never written a song about teachers, but some of his song titles could certainly be interpreted as educational anthems.

Tougher than the Rest (Tunnel of Love)
Teachers are faced with challenges every day, many of which are beyond our control.  For the sake of students we need to remain strong and carry on.

Jack of All Trades (Wrecking Ball)
What do your students need from you today?  Whatever it is you will provide it.

We Take Care of Our Own (Wrecking Ball)
The definition of “our own” has certainly evolved over time.  Whereas it once meant a single classroom its definition is now much broader.

Working on a Dream (Working on a Dream)
Our students have dreams, and it is our responsibility to provide the learning opportunities that will help to achieve them.

Living in the Future (Magic)
The future is now, we are living in a time without limits.  Classrooms are no longer confined to a single room or school.

Better Days (Lucky Town)
As professionals we have the choice to believe that these are better days in education, and if we don’t it is our obligation to advocate for change.

Growin Up (Greetings from Asbury Park)
Students are not the only ones growing, through quality professional development and reflection teachers grow also.

Leap of Faith (Lucky Town)
Teachers and students alike will thrive when encouraged to take risks and given the opportunity to think outside the box.

Reason to Believe (Nebraska)
Sometimes you may have to search, but your students will give you reasons to believe in them every day.

Talk to Me (The Promise)
Communication is crucial to a school’s success. Between administrators, parents, teachers, students, or any other stakeholder, keeping one another informed and in the know helps create a culture of trust.

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