Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Do Yourself a Favor and Look Back

You know what time of year it is so I certainly don't have to paint a picture of what the last days of the school look like.  Before you pack up your room and leave the building, take a moment to look over your shoulder and say goodbye to...

  • The child who struggled with anxiety on the playground during the first weeks of school who is now playing soccer with his friends
  • The student who was well below grade level in math that has not only closed the gap but is excelling
  • The student who avoided reading who is now asking the librarian if he can take books home over the summer vacation
  • The new teacher that you met in September who will now join you for a summer book club
  • The child who came from another district that is now making play dates and planning sleep overs
  • The student that wouldn't even look at you last fall that is now hugging you goodbye
  • The student who came to this country and could not speak English who will go back home and share everything he has learned with his family and friends 
  • The parent that you had to call multiple times because their son was so disrespectful who is now handing you a gift thanking you for the difference you have made in their child's life
  • The student who wouldn't practice their instrument in front of anyone who is now performing with the school band
  • The child that was so mad that they didn't get the teacher they "wanted" that just handed you a card saying that you are the best teacher ever

Thank you to all the educators and support staff that make all this and so much more possible!

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