Tuesday, March 17, 2015

School Culture: THIS is who we are!

We have all heard the phrase it takes a village, but what role do those villagers have to assume in order to achieve success?  And how is that success measured?  For me, the success of a learning community begins with the culture that is created by the "villagers".  As I walked the halls of my school this week and interacted with students and staff, a phrase kept popping into my head, "THIS is what makes us who we are!"

School Culture: THIS is who we are!

  • Custodians who are always ready to respond to a crisis
  • Veteran teachers who support and mentor those entering the profession and who have the courage to advocate for their students
  • Administrators who lead by example
  • Beginning and student teachers full of energy and enthusiasm
  • Parent volunteers who give their time so generously
  • Administrative assistants who are always able to locate and provide us with whatever is needed
  • Central office personnel that supports our school and raises.the bar to help us become the best we can be
  • Students who are the reason we all do what we do and our number 1 priority
  • Teacher assistants who provide for the safety and supervision for our students during lunch, recess, and offer support to whenever it is needed
  • School nurses who help children with their bumps and bruises and always keep parents and teachers informed about the well being of the youngsters

Note:  The format of this blog is a top 10 so I would like to acknowledge that this list could have easily gone on and on. There are many other roles essential to creating the learning community we strive for.  FIND SOMEONE WHO CONTRIBUTES TO YOUR SCHOOL'S CULTURE AND THANK THEM!

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