Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Don't do Yoga and I am not Getting a Massage: 10 Ways to be Happier at School

Stress. Pressure.  Anxiety.  No job is completely void of these feelings and teaching is no exception. People find all sorts of ways to relax on their own time, but can anything be done to prevent feeling overwhelmed? Here are some things teachers can do within the context of the school day to keep a positive attitude.

  • Eat lunch sitting down at a table with other people
  • Technology is your friend and should make things easier
  • Make it a point to laugh everyday
  • Stay current by reading about what is going on in education
  • Focus on what needs to be done now
  • Become comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Think outside the four walls of your classroom
  • Observe and be observed by colleagues
  • Hold conversations with your students
  • End every day with a reminder of one thing that went really well

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